TEDxGreensboro Prior Event Speakers and Entertainers

Yeoheung Yun, TEDxGreensboro 2021 Speaker

Yeoheung Yun

Dr. Yun’s interest is in creating lab-based brain tissue devices, which will help researchers learn how different brain diseases work and how different medicines and toxins affect the brain.
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Sheeba Dawood, TEDxGreensboro 2021 Speaker

Sheeba Dawood

Dr. Sheeba Dawood is a nanoscientist and CEO and co-founder of Minerva Lithium LLC. Dawood leveraged lithium-trapping technology she developed as a doctoral student into her spin-off company, which aims to disrupt the energy storage industry.
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Omon Isikhuemhen TEDxGreensboro 2021 Speaker

Omon Isikhuemhen

Dr. Omoanghe “Omon” Isikhuemhen is a professor of mushroom science and fungal biotechnology whose research centers on the science and technology we need to mass produce and utilize mushrooms for food, pleasure, and healthy living.
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Peter Warmka, TEDxGreensboro 2021 Speaker

Peter Warmka

Peter Warmka is a former CIA intelligence officer with over 20 years of experience in breaching the security of organizations overseas, through the artful manipulation of insiders. He is the founder of the Counterintelligence Institute LLC and author of a nonfiction best seller about his experiences.
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