Audacious | Shamelessly Different

August 23, 2024, 9:00am-4:30pm

Van Dyke Performance Space in the Greensboro Cultural Center — Registration opens at 8:00am

Audacious | Shamelessly Different —The daily challenge for humans: to conform or to go against the norm. Few things we consider essential today would exist if someone didn’t have the curiosity and courage to explore something different — because normal is BOR-ING. Audacious comes from the Latin root audeō, meaning to act boldly, to dare. Celebrate the spirit of unconventional ideas that transform innovations across industries, societal standards, and communities. As the greater Greensboro area continues to grow and thrive fueled by our diverse, driven community, join us as we honor ideas that break barriers, challenge the status quo, and fearlessly take risks to drive authentic experiences.