TEDxGreensboro Prior Event Speakers and Entertainers

John Z. Kiss, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker

John Z. Kiss

John Z. Kiss has been a research leader on eight spaceflight projects that have flown on the Space Shuttle, the Russian space station Mir, and most recently on the International Space Station.
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Josh Sammons, TEDxGreensboro 2019 speaker

Josh Sammons

Josh Sammons is an information technology solutions engineer and co-founder of Solace IT Solutions. He specializes in cloud solutions and advanced security to prevent fraud and hacking and preserving data integrity.
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Stephen Sills, TEDxGreensboro 2018

Stephen Sills

In his research he uses statistical analysis of large data sets, GIS mapping, and in-depth ethnography to assist nonprofit and government agencies in visualizing social issues for decision-making in areas such as defining voting districts and understanding the distribution of social and health issues in communities.
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