Julio Ruiz

Ballet Folklorico Mexican Tradition of Julio Ruiz

North Carolina has an excellent Mexican Folk-dance group known as Ballet Folklorico Mexican Tradition of Julio Ruiz.

When Julio Ruiz came to the United States in search of a better life, he brought with him his knowledge of one of his greatest passions — dance. After residing here for some years, he decided to form the dance group Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano, to which he provided choreography and leadership for more than five years. Ruiz continued with his work and formed the group Ballet Folklorico Mexican Tradition of Julio Ruiz, but this time also created a series of dance workshops open to anyone.

The Greensboro Cultural Arts Center opened the doors to Ruiz bringing this project to life with his first workshop in September of 2012. Ballet Folklorico was a crowd-pleasing performer at the 2018 North Carolina Folk Festival, at Greensboro’s 2019 “This Community Sings” at the Carolina Theatre, half-time at a Carolina Panthers game, and at the 2021 Art in the Arboretum festival!