2020 - Risk

TEDxGreensboro 2020 RISK

RISK: March 26, 2020 @VanDyke

RISK Planned or spontaneous, there are few tensions greater than the space between failure and reward that we call Risk. The tension between risk and reward is felt in every great story, triumph and breakthrough. For this year’s theme, Risk, TEDxGreensboro explores the uncertainties we face pursuing our dreams. Sometimes the riskiest move is to play it safe. And sometimes we learn from failure.

2019- Keep It Simple

TEDxGreensboro 2019: Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple: April 4, 2019 @Triad Stage

KEEP IT SIMPLE For this year’s theme, Keep it Simple, TEDxGreensboro explores the principle of simplicity in the context of our complex world, clarifying the complicated to find out if and when the simplest solutions are the best ones. April 4, 2019 – TEDxGreensboro’s 7th annual signature event.

2018- Wonder

TEDxGreensboro 2018 Wonder

Wonder: Mar. 22, 2018, Triad Stage

Wonder celebrates our curiosity to explore what’s possible and the wonderment found in the unexpected. TEDxGreensboro celebrates our curiosity to explore what’s possible and the wonderment found in the unexpected.

2017 - Momentum

TEDxGreensboro 2017: Momentum

Momentum: Apr. 20, 2017, Van Dyke Performance Space

Momentum is an American passion – moving, achieving, building, developing. We prize starting new things –  once started, how are they sustained?

2016 - Radical. Powerful. Doable.

TEDxGreensboro 2016 - Radical. Powerful. Doable.

May 13, 2016, Triad Stage

Radical ideas can be powerful and disruptive. Some are doable. They lead to inventions, new businesses, social movements, and new understandings.

2015 - SPARK!

TEDxGreensboro 2015 - Spark!

May 7, 2015, Triad Stage

Every invention, innovation, enterprise and world changing movement begins with a spark.  It’s a nudge in the mind that asks “What if?”

2014 - The Future, Regardless...

TEDxGreensboro 2014: The Future Regardless...

May 8, 2014, Triad Stage

“The Future, Regardless…” opens the possibilities of our future. We will hear stories of how our idea makers shed stereotypes, share passions, and reveal their visions for our future.

2013: Dreamsboro: Imagine, Design, Build

TEDxGreensboro 2013 - Dreamsboro

April 16, 2013, Greensboro Historical Museum

We came together for the inaugural TEDxGreensboro, “Dreamsboro: Imagine. Design. Build.”, to spread ideas for changing our community, city and maybe the world.