Meet the TEDxGreensboro 2021 Speakers and Entertainers

October 7, 2021 @Van Dyke Performance Space

Click the red text below to view speaker and entertainer bios. Videos will be online after the event.

2021 Program Sponsors

Meet the generous sponsors that support the TEDxGreensboro 2021 programs

Well-Spring supports TEDxGreensboro
Stearns Financial Group
Weaver Foundation
Brooks Pierce
Bouvier Kelly

Chuck and Cheryl McQueary

Lamar Advertising Company
Lindley Battle Photographer
TowerBix Promotions supports TEDxGreensboro
By Good Coffee supports TEDxGreensboro
Nola Catering Supports TEDxGreensboro
Director of Visuals
McCauley Creations supports TEDxGreensboro
Greensboro Jaycees support TEDxGreensboro
O.Henry Hotel supports TEDxGreensboro

2021 Core Sponsors

Meet the core sponsors that have supported TEDxGreensboro for years

Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Extraordinary, Inc.
Ajoy Consulting
Magnetic Ideas
Transform Greensboro supports TEDxGreensboro