March 22, 2018

This year’s theme celebrated our curiosity to explore what’s possible and the wonderment found in the unexpected.

No word embodies the present like Wonder. For this year’s theme, TEDxGreensboro celebrates our curiosity to explore what’s possible and the wonderment found in the unexpected.

TEDxGreensboro Welcomes the 2018 Speakers and Entertainers

Stephen Van Vuuren 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Filmmaker; Photographer

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Hari Jones 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Consultant; Civil War expert; Lecturer

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Deonna Kelli Sayed 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Interfaith dialogue instigator; Author; Ghost hunter

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Elizabeth Wayne TEDxGreensboro 2018 Speaker

TED Fellow; Women in science advocate; Nanomedicine researcher

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Jessica Ruhle 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Art; Museum educator; Art-Health advocate

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Joseph Starobin 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Nanoscientist; Cardiovascular researcher; Heart monitor developer

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Nir Ksherti 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Economic researcher; Author; Technology implementer

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Stephen Sills 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

Social activist, data indicators expert, university researcher

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Mayor Nancy Vaughan TEDxGreensboro 2018 Speaker

Community leader; Mayor

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LaShon Hill TEDxGreensboro 2018 Speaker

Singer, actor, performer

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Shelley Segal TEDxGreensboro 2018 Speaker

Playwright; performer; and essayist

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MaryAnn Luedtke, TEDxGreensboro 2018 Speaker

Photographer, Actor

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Theatre of Movement TEDxGreensboro 2018 Entertainers

Dance, Poetry, Legacy

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Graymatter 2018 TEDxGreensboro Entertainers

Rocking acoustic music & harmonies

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Shared Madness TEDxGreensboro 2018 Entertainers

Energetic traditional Irish music

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Kelly Walsh School of Dance, TEDxGreensboro 2018 Entertainers

Traditional Irish step dancing champions

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Tara Sandercock, TEDxGreensboro Team
Tara Sandercock