TEDxGreensboro 2020 was virtual!

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Carlos Parks, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Carlos Parks

Citizen, motivator, paradigm shifter
Coming home: the difficult transition from federal prison to society
Christine Murray, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Christine Murray

Researcher, counselor, community activist
Every survivor has a story that matters
Anna Luisa Daigneault, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Anna Luisa Daigneault

Anthropologist, ethnolinguist, writer
Losing a language means losing part of humanity and history
Kevin Ortiz, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Kevin Ortiz

Advocate, educator, optimist
Living as an undocumented individual
Nyota Gordon, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Nyota Gordon

Veteran, advocate, inspirerz
Military is not preparation for civilian life
Chase Hollerman, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Chase Holleman

Advocate, educator, idealist
Why aren’t we using the most effective addiction treatments?
Amanda Sturgill, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Amanda Sturgill

Educator, researcher, citizen
Social media helped pull us apart but it can help seek the truth
Anthony Dellinger, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Anthony Dellinger

Scientist, educator, entrepreneur
Saving the horseshoe crab; fighting the virus with nano science
Andrew Smiler, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Andrew Smiler

Author, psychotherapist, thinker
What does it mean to be “man enough?”
Kevin Dorman, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Kevin Dorman

Speech therapist, community builder, vocal cheerleader
Transgender voice training unites the soul and sound
Joseph Stern, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Joseph Stern

Neurosurgeon, husband/father, writer/photographer
A physician’s journey to emotional agility
Demeanor, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Entertainer


Rap is Folk Music
RAP music is FOLK music: the duality of identity
Karin Hougaard TEDxGreensboro 2020 Entertainer

North Carolina Brazilian Arts Project

Andrew Smiler, TEDxGreensboro 2020 Speaker

Andrew Smiler

Author, psychotherapist, thinker

Karin Hougaard

Intimate, dynamic, spontaneous, poetic, literary


Rap is Folk Music

North Carolina Brazilian Arts Project

Movement. Percussion. Passion