May 13, 2016 at Triad Stage

Radical ideas can be powerful and disruptive. Some are doable. And they lead to inventions, new businesses, social movements, and new understandings. Whether your interest is science, business, social, technology or ethics, we want to know your idea that is Radical. Powerful. Doable. Show how an idea can make a difference at TEDxGreensboro 2016 with a talk that shares how radical thinking can cause powerful change in what we do.

Angel Guerrero

Mentor, Family advocate, Male involvement catalyst

Michelle Gethers-Clark

Social advocate, Collaborative leader, Solution seeker

Moises Serrano

Dreamer, LGBTQ & Immigrant Rights Activist, Public Speaker

Deborah Moy

Thankful Survivor, Future Attorney

John Williams

Designer, Housing advocate, Tiny living consultant

Brandon Holder

University student, Social entrepreneur, Global activist

Portia Mount

Executive Leadership Coach, Author, Marketer

Whitney Way Thore

Body-Positive Activist; TV Personality, Dancer

Vas Taras

Global Educator; Researcher; International Business Consultant

David Wyrick

Educator, Researcher, Athlete Advocate

The Poetry Project

Powerful, Young, Voices

Time For 2

Two sisters – classical music prodigies

Thomas Maupin, Daniel Rothwell and Overall Creek

Buckdancers, Old-Time Music, Clawhammer banjo