The Future, Regardless…
May 8, 2014 at Triad Stage

The Future, Regardless…opens the possibilities of our future. As a city and community, we will reimagine the future, regardless of what it holds…the spirit of celebrating the future, developing emerging technologies, laughing a little, feeling challenged and confronting problems and overcoming the barriers among us, we can develop a dream for the future, regardless of what the future brings.

Eric Kraus

Ear surgeon; App designer; Hearing test developer

Dennis Stearns

Futurist; Financial planner; Strategist

David Schmidt

Health care manager; End-of-life planning advocate

Brenda Elliott

Educator; Student advocate; Character builder

Blanca Cobb

Body Language Expert; Speaker; Survivor

Steadman Harrison

Thought leader on global leadership; Trainer; Researcher

Sarah Ray

Advocate for developmentally disabled; Nonprofit leader

Patricia Gray

Biomuscian; Researcher; Brain communicator

Marianne LeGreco

Professor; Communicator; Food desert eradicator

Jack Hoskins

Entrepreneur; App designer; High School Student

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