Vicki Genfan, TEDxGreensboro 2021 Entertainer

Vicki Genfan

Virtuoso guitarist, singer and composer Vicki Genfan draws from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music. With a mastery of the acoustic guitar that borders on pure alchemy, audiences are mesmerized by the waves of sound Vicki creates with just two hands and her voice. In addition to being a dazzling instrumentalist, Vicki is an award- winning singer/songwriter with a high-energy stage presence, as well as the only female ever to win the Guitar Player Magazine’s prestigious ‘Guitar Superstar’ competition. Vicki Genfan has been showcased as one of the world’s top guitarists at festivals such as The International Montreal Jazz Festival, Germany’s Open Strings Guitar Festival, Italy’s Soave Guitar Festival and Performing Arts Centers across the US and abroad. Playing her unique percussive technique of ‘slap-tap’ guitar and using over 30 different guitar tunings, Vicki mesmerizes audiences worldwide and takes the listener on an unforgettable journey.