Andrew Smiler

Andrew Smiler, PhD, is an author and licensed therapist with expertise in adolescent boys, men, and masculinity.

Amanda Sturgill

Amanda Sturgill is fascinated by the intersection of communication technology and society in the news, for people of faith and for citizens.

Kevin Dorman

Kevin is a non-binary speech-language pathologist who specializes in long-distance transgender vocal training.

Christine Murray

Christine Murray is Director of the UNCG Center for Youth, Family, & Community Partnerships.

Carlos Parks

Carlos Parks was born in Goldsboro NC to Carl Parks and Sharon Parks.

Chase Holleman

Chase Holleman, LCSW, LCAS is a social worker specializing in the needs of persons affected by substance use.

Kevin Ortiz

Born in Mexico, Kevin migrated to Orlando in 2003 and currently sits on the board of the Hispanic League.