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Deonna Kelli Sayed 2018 TEDxGreensboro Speaker

The TEDxGreensboro Speaker Series begins Thursday, and the theme this year is “wonder.” The day-long event features 17 speakers on subjects ranging from filming in outer space to ghost hunting.
That’s the topic for presenter Deonna Kelli Sayed. She’s the author of two books on the paranormal, and her focus will be on how ghosts provide a metaphor for letting go of both the literal fear of the things we don’t understand, and the personal ghosts that haunt us.

Sayed, who is Muslim, says that the subject has also inspired her interfaith work. The author has traveled to Israel and instigated dialogues between Jews and Muslims. She’s also organized multiple “Ask A Muslim Anything” town hall meetings to break down barriers of misunderstanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.[