Call for Speakers for TEDxGreensboro 2021

The 2021 TEDxGreensboro event will be LIVE on October 7, 2021, an in-person event.

Applications are closed. Thanks to everyone who applied.

The TEDxGreensboro Committee will be in touch after all applications are reviewed.

TEDxGreensboro2021: NEXT

For this year’s theme, NEXT, TEDxGreensboro explores what comes after the present — in technology, science, medicine, business, society and our personal lives. Join us as we chase our imagination with curiosity, rebound from the unexpected, and venture into the unknown with courage.

Where will our paths lead? What do we do now? These are common questions on the other side of the present — where resilience developed from the past and enthusiasm for the future pulls us forward.

The TEDxGreensboro Planning Committee is seeking proposals from individuals interested in making a presentation at the 2021 Signature Event. The 2021 program provides a forum (either in-person or online) in which extraordinary thinkers and doers can share ideas that may spark meaningful change for our community and beyond.

TEDxGreensboro will select talks from a broad range of topics including science, technology, social development, design, education, medicine, and art. Presentations should reflect actual personal and professional experience.