Book Banning, TEDxGreensboro Salon

September 12, 2023
TEDxGreensboro Salon
“Banning Books: A Question for Our Time”

TEDxGreensboro invites you to a thought-provoking Salon on Tuesday, September 12, at 6 PM at transformGSO, 111 W. Lewis Street, Greensboro, NC 27406. Our topic is “Banning Books: A Question for Our Time.” We would like to hear from YOU! Join us at Salon to share your thoughts or or simply to listen and enjoy!

The TEDxGreensboro Salon is free, but registration is limited to the first 75 people. Doors open at 5:30 PM and the Salon will begin promptly at 6 PM and conclude at 7:30 PM. This event is BYOB – plus bring a brown bag dinner or snack of your choice!

The program will feature a TED Talk on the topic “Banning Books”, and a moderator will facilitate the discussion.

There is no charge for the salon, but registration is required.

Salons are smaller events that keep a TEDx community engaged between regular TEDx events. Attending a Salon is a unique experience because the audience is fully involved in the program. Through a moderated discussion, we’ll offer questions, thoughts, and ideas related to a curated topic. Come to mix and mingle with other TEDx’ers and talk about “ideas worth spreading.”


  • BYOB – plus bring a brown bag dinner or snack of your choice!
  • The program is limited to 75 attendees – please RSVP to reserve your space.
  • After you register, please PRINT your ticket and bring it to the event for check-in.

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