TEDxGreensboro Welcomes the 2017 Speakers and Entertainers

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Tom Ross, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speaker
Tom Ross

Public Servant, Leader, Educator VIDEO

Ancella Livers, 2017 TEDxGreensboro Speaker
Ancella Livers

Educator, Social Justice, Writer VIDEO

Drew Matthews, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speaker
Drew Matthews

Actor, Storyteller, Improviser VIDEO

Christopher Rhea, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speaker
Christopher K. Rhea

Scientist, Inventor, Educator VIDEO

Jack Witley, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speaker
Jack Whitley

Strategist, Leader, Tenacious Advocate VIDEO

Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speakers
Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray

Body Art, World Champions VIDEO

Caren Cooper, TEDxGreensboro 2017 Speaker
Caren Cooper

Wildlife biologist, Author, Public scientist VIDEO

Alyzza May, 2017 TEDxGreensboro Speaker
Alyzza May

Disruptive Designer, Commoner, Pedestrian VIDEO

Greg Monty, 2017 TEDxGreensboro Speaker
Greg Monty

Entrepreneur, Energizer, Nerd VIDEO

Pedro Paz & Daniela Patino
Somos Mambo Dance Company

Dynamic salsa dancing VIDEO

Paul McKenna Band, TEDxGreensboro Entertainers
McKenna & Magill

Inspiring Scottish folk music VIDEO

The BBoy Ballet, TEDxGreensboro 2017
The BBoy Ballet

Contemporary and Street Dance VIDEO