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Dreamsboro: Imagine, Design, Build. April 16, 2013

Tom Ross

Preston Lane

Playwright, author, director

Cyndi Briggs

Teacher, writer, imaginer

David Fraccaro

Minister, adviser, friend maker

Daniel Herr

Nanoscientist, professor, builder

George Scheer

Artist, humanist, curator

Justin Smith

Promoter, financial adviser, holiday ball decoration pioneer

Kip Blakely

Manger, recruiter, aviation industry leader

Katherine Loflin

Consultant, placemaker, city doctor

Katie Marshall

Young professional, leader, community booster

Tom Wall

Cardiologist, health care leader, builder

Troy McConnell

Entrepreneur, creator, imaginer

Josephus Thompson III

Poet, dreamer, performer

Spoma Javanovic

Professor, advisor, community activator

LaShon Hill

Vocalist, performer

Laurelyn Dossett

Musician, playwright, composer

Lee and Stephanie


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The Future, Regardless…, May 8, 2014

Eric Kraus

Ear surgeon; App designer; Hearing test developer

Dennis Stearns

Futurist; Financial planner; Strategist

David Schmidt

Health care manager; End-of-life planning advocate

Brenda Elliott

Educator; Student advocate; Character builder

Blanca Cobb

Body Language Expert; Speaker; Survivor

Steadman Harrison

Thought leader on global leadership; Trainer; Researcher

Sarah Ray

Advocate for developmentally disabled; Nonprofit leader

Patricia Gray

Biomuscian; Researcher; Brain communicator

Marianne LeGreco

Professor; Communicator; Food desert eradicator

Jack Hoskins

Entrepreneur; App designer; High School Student

UNCG Spartones




UNCG Sapphires


Swamp Nots

1920s Fusion Music

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SPARK!, May 7, 2015

Sean Aggarwal

Omar Ali

Naeemah Clark

Laura Gonzo

Taylor Mabe

Emilio Salinas

Jennifer Thomas

Anthony Tata

Scott Silknitter

Ken Brown

Sabrina Woods

Natya Academy’s Gajjdi Jawani

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Angel Guerrero

Mentor, Family advocate, Male involvement catalyst

Michelle Gethers-Clark

Social advocate, Collaborative leader, Solution seeker

Moises Serrano

Dreamer, LGBTQ & Immigrant Rights Activist, Public Speaker

Deborah Moy

Thankful Survivor, Future Attorney

John Williams

Designer, Housing advocate, Tiny living consultant

Brandon Holder

University student, Social entrepreneur, Global activist

Portia Mount

Executive Leadership Coach, Author, Marketer

Whitney Way Thore

Body-Positive Activist; TV Personality, Dancer

Vas Taras

Global Educator; Researcher; International Business Consultant

David Wyrick

Educator, Researcher, Athlete Advocate

The Poetry Project

Powerful, Young, Voices

Time For 2

Two sisters – classical music prodigies

Thomas Maupin, Daniel Rothwell and Overall Creek

Buckdancers, Old-Time Music, Clawhammer banjo

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MOMENTUM, April 20, 2017

Tom Ross

Public Servant, Leader, Educator

Ancella Livers

Educator, Social Justice, Writer

Jack Whitley

Strategist, Leader, Tenacious Advocate

Drew Matthews

Actor, Storyteller, Improviser

Caren Cooper

Wildlife biologist, Author, Public scientist

Christopher K. Rhea

Scientist, Inventor, Educator

Alyzza May

Disruptive Designer, Commoner, Pedestrian

Greg Monty

Entrepreneur, Energizer, Nerd

Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray

Body Art, World Champions

The BBoy Ballet

Contemporary and Street Dance

McKenna & Magill

Inspiring Scottish folk music

Somos Mambo Dance Company

Dynamic salsa dancing

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WONDER. March 22, 2018

Stephen van Vuuren

Filmmaker; Photographer

Joseph Starobin

Nanoscientist; Cardiovascular researcher; Heart monitor developer

Jessica Kay Ruhle

Art; Museum educator; Art-Health advocate

Stephen Sills

Social activist, data indicators expert, university researcher

Elizabeth Wayne

TED Fellow; Women in science advocate; Nanomedicine researcher

Nancy Vaughan

Community leader; Mayor

Nir Ksherti

Economic researcher; Author; Technology implementer

Hari Jones

Consultant; Civil War expert; Lecturer

Shelley Segal

Playwright; performer; and essayist

LeShon Hill

Singer, actor, performer

MaryAnn Luedtke

Photographer, Actor

Derrick Parker

Actor, Producer

Deonna Kelli Sayed

Writer, Paranormal researcher


Rocking acoustic music & harmonies

Shared Madness

Energetic traditional Irish music

Walsh Kelly School of Irish Dance

Traditional Irish step dancing champions

Theatre of Movement

Dance, Poetry, Legacy

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KEEP IT SIMPLE, April 4, 2019

Victoria Carlin Milstein, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Nadja Cech, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Josh Sammons, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Phillip Marsh, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Jennifer Martineau, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Portia Mount, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Mike Toy, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
John Kiss, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Michelle Gethers-Clark, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker
Paula McMillan, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Speaker

Jessica Mashburn

Brenda Nolasco, TEDxGreensboro 2019 Entertainer

Brenda Nolasco, ``Bless-Nova``

Alley Rabbits

Dave Fox

Susie Firth-Candelaria, Celtic Harpist

Susie Firth-Candelaria

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