Meet the Theater of Movement

Theatre of Movement, led by artistic director Duane Cyrus, is a performing and visual arts collaborative that explores cultural values. Duane Cyrus is a performing and creative artist whose work explores these values that are rooted in research of Black American and Caribbean culture through dance and movement. Cyrus is an associate professor at UNC Greensboro and teaches dance repertory improvisation, technique, and choreography. He studied at the Julliard School and the University of Illinois. He danced with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and in musical theater, on television, and other venues.

The Performance

Comanche: Hero Complexities (modern dance)

A multidisciplinary performance inspired by the heroic acts of Charles W. David Jr., a Caribbean-American United States Coast Guardsman, who lost his life to pneumonia after he helped to save nearly 100 drowning servicemen, following the torpedoing of a U-boat in the icy waters off Greenland during World War II. The performance and other events throughout the year investigate the possible confluence of questions surrounding themes of rescue, self-sacrifice, and heroism.

The modern dance performance will be 5-7 minutes long & will feature 4-5 black male dancers. Duane Cyrus, choreographer,  teaches in the dance department at UNCG and has shown this work there as well as Antigua and at the Wake Forest Dance Festival this year.

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