TEDxGreensboro 2018

This year’s theme celebrated our curiosity to explore what’s possible and the wonderment found in the unexpected. “Wonder” embodied the present perfectly. In “Wonder,” lies uncertainty that carries with it feelings of surprise, curiosity and sometimes, doubt. Also in “Wonder,” there is a sense of marvel and amazement as we explore what’s possible.


Momentum is an American passion – moving, achieving, building, developing. We prize starting new things – whether they are social movements, technological developments, design achievements or political efforts. Once started, how are they sustained?

2016 Radical. Powerful. Doable.

Radical ideas can be powerful and disruptive. Some are doable. And they lead to inventions, new businesses, social movements, and new understandings. Whether your interest is science, business, social, technology or ethics, we want to know your idea that is Radical. Powerful. Doable.

2015 SPARK!

Every invention, innovation, enterprise and world changing movement begins with a spark.  It’s a nudge in the mind that asks “What if?” It’s the clarity that precedes action. Sparks are powerful and fragile. They need a response in order to grow into flame. We want to celebrate the sparks that are catching fire in our region and initiate the next sparks to change our world.

2014 The Future, Regardless...

“The Future, Regardless…” opens the possibilities of our future. The future touches all of us — regardless. As a city and community, we will reimagine the future, regardless of what it holds.

2013 Dreamsboro: Imagine. Design. Build.

Today in Greensboro citizens came together for the inaugural TEDxGreensboro, “Dreamsboro: Imagine. Design. Build.”, to spread ideas for changing our community, city and maybe the world.