John Z. Kiss

John Z. Kiss has been a research leader on eight spaceflight projects that have flown on the Space Shuttle, the Russian space station Mir, and most recently on the International Space Station.

Portia Mount

Portia Mount is a marketing executive working in global manufacturing where she leads a transforma

Josh Sammons

Josh Sammons is an information technology solutions engineer and co-founder of Solace IT Solutions. He specializes in cloud solutions and advanced security to prevent fraud and hacking and preserving data integrity.

Drew Matthews

Drew became a tennis professional and while teaching a tennis lesson to a T.V. actor, he was encouraged to study acting classically and pursue it for the camera, in addition to the stage.

Susie Firth-Candelaria

Susie Firth-Candelaria is musician and a guest musician on several recording projects. Her love for Celtic music has extended for the past 30 years or more.