Michelle Gethers-Clark

Following a successful career in senior management at American Express, Gethers-Clark became CEO at United Way of Greater Greensboro where she is focused on creating partnerships to end poverty.

Phillip Marsh

Philip Marsh is a leader in introducing some of the most prolific artists on the international scene in street art to Greensboro by curating and managing wall mural projects – resulting in more than forty works to date.

Paula McMillan

Paula McMillan is a senior financial advisor working with individuals to ensure their long-term financial wellbeing.

Victoria Carlin Milstein

Victoria Carlin Milstein operates VCM Art Studio in Greensboro as a place of mentorship and fellowship, with model drawings, workshops, and community events.

Jennifer Martineau

Jennifer W. Martineau is a senior executive responsible for the leadership and execution of the research, analytics, evaluation, and societal advancement practices at the Center for Creative Leadership. 

Nadja Cech

As professor of chemistry at UNC Greensboro, Nadja Cech’s research harnesses molecules from plants to treat disease.

Jessica Mashburn and Dave Fox

Performing authentic cabaret, dating back to the Weimer era, are Jessica Mashburn, a Greensboro native and prolific singer/songwriter, and her accomplished jazz partner, Dave Fox.

Alley Rabbits

Alley Rabbits play and enjoy bluegrass music throughout the Greensboro community.

Mike Toy

Fooling people goes beyond magic and he analyzes how scams work and how to avoid falling prey to them.