Keep It Simple

TriadStage, April 4, 2019

For this year’s theme, Keep it Simple, TEDx Greensboro explores the principle of simplicity in the context of our complex world, clarifying the complicated to find out if and when the simplest solutions are the best ones.

Two Days of TEDxGreensboro Events

  • Wednesday, April 3: Pre-event Reception (5:30 – 7:30): meet other participants and the speakers!
  • Thursday, April 4: TEDxGreensboro (8:00 – 5:00)

2019 TEDxGreensboro Speakers and Entertainers

Mike Toy, John Z. Kiss, Susie Firth-Candelaria, Portia Mount, Philip Marsh, Josh Sammons, Michelle Gethers-Clark, Paula McMillan, Victoria Carlin Milstein, Jennifer Martineau, Nadja Cech, Brenda Nolasco, The Alley Rabbits, Jessica Mashburn and Dave Fox.

TEDxGreensboro 2019 Program Sponsors

2019 TEDxGreensboro Program Sponsors

Thanks to the 2019 TEDxGreensboro sponsors!

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Stearns Financial Focus for Women
Weaver Foundation
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Chuck and Cheryl McQueary

2019 TEDxGreensboro Core Sponsors

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