May 8, 2014 “The Future, Regardless…” opens the possibilities of our future. We will hear stories of how our idea makers shed stereotypes, share passions, and reveal their visions for our future. In the TED spirit of ídeas worth sharing, TEDxGreensboro wants ideas and stories that are different. The future touches all of us — regardless. As a city and community, we will reimagine the future, regardless of what it holds. If we meet at TEDxGreensboro 2014 in the spirit of celebrating the future, developing emerging technologies, laughing a little, feeling challenged, and, confronting problems and overcoming the barriers among us, we can develop a dream for the future, regardless of what the future brings.

The day was full of thought provocation, learning, making connections and more.

TEDxGreensboro 2014 Speakers and Entertainers

The list of speakers included Patricia Gray, Marianne LeGreco, Jack Hoskins, Eric Kraus, Dennis Stearns, David Schmidt, Brenda Elliot, Sarah Ray, Blanca Cobb, Steadman Harrison. Entertainers included UNCG Spartones, UNCG Sapphires, Swamp Nots, Sugarfoote.

TEDxGreensboro 2014 Sponsors