Our TEDxGreensboro poster for TEDxCity2.0 by Jeff SanGeorge received global recognition on the TED blog. According to Jeff,

The main inspiration behind this design is the current dialogue we’ve been engaging in since our TEDxGreensboro event this past spring. Our theme (which remarkably close to The TEDxCity2.0 theme) was “Dreamsboro: Imagine. Design. Build.” The imagery is almost exclusively from Greensboro, and the idea is to show active building upwards, based on our dreams for the city. The focal image is a readily recognizable statue of Nathaniel Greene, for whom our city is named. To see him broken from his moorings and being moved, symbolizes that our city is actively being reinvented, and not tied down to the past. The grid with the workers symbolize the future plans for the city, and those working on building it. Other key elements include the arts, science and human rights as building blocks.

TEDxGreensboro Poster Featured Jeff SanGeorge