Tickets are on sale for TEDxGreensboro 2017: Momentum

April 20, 2017– TEDxGreensboro: Momentum

at the Van Dyke Performance Space/Greensboro Cultural Center

We will announce speakers, entertainment, and other activities by March 1

2017: The Year of Momentum!

This year’s theme is Momentum. Momentum is an American passion – moving, achieving, building, developing. We prize starting new things – whether they are social movements, technological developments, design achievements or political efforts. Once started, how are they sustained?

TEDxGreensboro 2017: Momentum
  • NEW IDEAS How does a new idea occur and what causes it to take off?
  • SUCCESS OR FAILURE Why do some issues develop momentum while others do not?
  • BUILDING MOMENTUM Does momentum grow when one technology builds on another?
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING How do the arts, marketing and/or advertising create and take advantage of momentum?

The Schedule

  • Wednesday, April 19: Pre-event Reception (5:30-7:30pm): meet other participants and the speakers!
  • Thursday, April 20: TEDxGreensboro (8:00 – 5:00)